Off the north coast of Honduras, Guanaja is the easternmost and least touristed of the Honduras’s Bay Islands, which also include Utila and Roatan.  More than anything else, Guanaja scuba diving is the attraction for travelers.  The second largest barrier reef in the world begins near Guanaja and extends north towards Belize and the Yucatan.

Non-divers can hike between Mangrove Bight and Savannah Bight - Guanaja’s second-largest settlements, or trek inland to behold sparkling waterfalls among the trees—90 percent of Guanaja is a forested National Reserve. Travelers can also rent bikes or sea kayaks and explore the coast. 

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The trade winds, which blow northeast from the coast of Africa across most of the Caribbean, have a huge effect on the region's weather.  Average temperatures are remarkably steady year-round and are consistently warm. The trade winds blow steady and strong, sometimes bringing in a brief afternoon shower.  


Hurricanes and tropical storms are the exception, not the rule, in Caribbean weather, but preparedness is always important.  The hurricane season in the Caribbean lasts from June through December; however, the vast majority of hurricanes manifest in August and/or September. By October the local weather brings “northers” and certain logistical problems.  


Presently, our cabin is available from February to August, when the waters are normally crystal clear and tranquil,  and the chances of having a hurricane choose our area as a focal point, are relatively small.  We think it is important to “go green” so our location boasts a wind generator, and other backup systems, and although our area is secluded, we have a caretaker who lives on-site.



Even though we enjoy our seclusion, it is re-assuring to know

that our caretaker, Jorge, lives on-site.


Our wind-generator helps us to "go green"!



Cabin rental is priced per night --  $150.00* for up to 4 people -- and features a self contained kitchen which can be provisioned with your special request food and comfort items. It is air conditioned, and an additional air-conditioned room (in a nearby building) is also available to accommodate an extra 2 persons.


A reservation fee of $250 is required to secure reservations. The balance (including local airfare if we arrange it for you) is due 30 days prior to arrival. Until confirmed, availability and *rates are subject to change without notice.

Ask for our information packet. 

We have assembled lots of helpful information for your best enjoyment of our little paradise.

       Calendar events -- such as the Conch Festival [celebrating the arrival of Christopher Columbus.]

       Suggested menus -- featuring locally available groceries that we can pre-purchase for you.

       Recommended travel items -- and supplies that are locally available if you forget anything.

       Location options -- including accommodations on the mainland [in case of delayed flights.]

       Land Available -- if you are interested in the area, we have some land available for sale.

              ... and more.







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